Crazy Meow began in November 2012 with an interest of sharing it all that’s fiercely hot in fashion, beauty, décor and food, by a young lass, who has no inhibitions to talk her heart out.

Why advertise online at all?

‘Cause, you gotta live baby! You probably already know how world has gone social so I won’t bore you with the philosophy. With most of the people making their purchases (and decisions about their purchase) online, you just can’t escape online advertising at all. Sure you’re a big brand and you have a great name, but the more people see of you, the more people will love you. Simple as that, isn’t it?

Why advertise with Crazy Meow?

With an honest voice, Crazy Meow has slowly and steadily grown its reach to stylish, fun-loving, experimental audience (specifically, women between ages of 20-35 years). And, since we’re still growing strong, you can expect a whole lot of consumers to be introduced to your brand.

How can you advertise on Crazy Meow?

Advertising on Crazy Meow is easy. In case you’ve specific requirements (viz. campaigns, launches, etc.), you can contact us for a specific plan, or else, just pick what suits you best:

  • Text Links
  • Giveaways & contests 
  • Product reviews 
  • Sponsored posts 
  • Featured posts 

Please contact me at for more information on pricing and a copy of my media kit.

Please know that my readers are the most important part of my blog. To be honest to them is my first and foremost priority. Therefore, I reserve the rights to editorial authority over all content posted on Crazy Meow. I will always disclose my relationships with any advertisers. I will never accept money or goods in exchange of writing something positive regardless of my opinion. Also, I’d request you to understand that fake reviews and promotion will not benefit me, or my readers, or your brand. So everything written over here is true and honest and I will not endorse a brand or product I’d not use myself personally.

Got further queries, mail me at

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