Personal Services

Being young is not a matter of age; it’s a matter of attitude. Your perception towards life decides how young you are. To be young is to experiment, to change regularly, to embrace every moment and to be prepared for everything. Very often, we fall into a pattern, monotony takes over, life seems mundane and then we begin to grow old. If all this sounds familiar to you, you’ve got a solution, baby! If you want to grow out of uniformity, want to dress up for changing the way you look at life (and it looks back at you), want to hold attention on that special occasion (weddings, date, interviews, etc.), I’ll help you feel the best of you.

Dressing up to make you feel best – sounds clichéd, right? But yeah it’s true! The way you look, matters to you more than anyone else. If you feel good in your skin, if you feel gorgeous in your outfit, if you feel glamorous in your stride, it will boost your self-esteem more than it gets you compliments from others. When the person you look into mirror at, smiles at you with confidence, you know it doesn’t matter anymore what the world thinks of you. Ohh yes, that’s the power of dressing up!

How can I help you?

Closet Consultation

If you feel that your wardrobe is over stuffed but still you can’t find anything to wear, or if you’re feeling too limited with the options that your wardrobe has to offer, then a ‘wardrobe edit is what you need. In a three-hour session over Skype, I get you to fill out a quick questionnaire to know about your lifestyle, your personality, your budget and other tid-bits. Then we work together to make the best use of your wardrobe. By the end of it, you know what to keep, what to discard and what to buy the next time you go shopping. Also, I make sure that every time you step out, you know inside that you’re gorgeous!

Personal Closet Consultation

Imagine someone magically sorting out your closet and turning it into a visual treat of elegance and glamour? Yes, that’s possible. Just ask me for it and in three hours I’ll sort out your closet for you as per your lifestyle and requirements, while we talk through some quick styling over coffee and cupcakes.

Personal Shopping

Book me for your next shopping trip and make it the best shopping experience you’ve ever had. For a three-hour shopping trip, I choose brands, shops and stores which suit your style and budget. Filling in your closet with everything you need, I’ll guide you through styling and maintenance of each piece. And, a sweet treat after shopping assures that next time you go shopping, you know what to find, where to find and how to use it wisely.

Closet Crisis Call

In a rut to find the perfect dress for your big moment? Thinking hard to know what to wear and still coming up blank every time you look at your closet? I know that happens to many people sometimes! Don’t worry; I’ll get you to the perfect solution in half an hour flat.

If you want to avail any of these services, just drop by a mail to for details and pricing. I’d love to help you being fabulous!

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