Hey there, I’m Shweta – a twenty-something from India who loves to laugh and dress up for every moment of life.

I love metallic rock as much as I adore classical Carnatic music. I love to be your sweet-girl-next-door as much as I can be the bitch-in-your face. I love to sway all night as much as I love to sit and talk with family and friends over coffee and cupcakes. You can say that there’s something crazy about me, but then isn’t life a bit crazy too? I tell you a pretty little secret -Life’s crazy ‘cause everyone of us is a bit crazy inside. No matter how much we complaint and make a fuss of it, we all love that craziness. I am crazy. You are crazy. And believe me; we’re going to get along in a long-term relationship. Some are crazy about fashion, some about beauty, some about music, some about their homes, some about gadgets and yet some other about music. Well, I am ‘partially’ crazy about all of these and a lot more, but most of all I am crazy about life itself.

Working as a Social Media Consultant, my passion for fashion found a way of sharing it all through this blog.

Meant to be your personal space for upgrading your style quotient in fashion, beauty, food and decor; ‘Crazy Meow’ is a heady cocktail of this craziness life has. Here, I offer you a fun, easy and quick read to go through during your recess or your coffee breaks in school/college/office. But beneath these light words, I provide you everything you need to know. And I know, you’d browse back once you get home. 😉

I believe that we’re pretty young ‘things’, and that all of us has a fierce, feline, free-spirit inside who embraces everything with a hearty laugh, who isn’t afraid to experiment and who is always ready to go for the ‘kill’.

If you feel the same, I’ve got your back, kitties!

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